2012 Toyota Camry: Cost of Ownership

It’s America’s favorite mid-size sedan: The 2012 Toyota Camry has been fully redesigned and is back, better than ever, but what exactly does it cost? Final cost is effected by factors like trim level and added features. While cost means many different things, it’s more than just the purchase price of a car.  Once you drive your 2012 Camry off the lot, how much will it cost you over it’s life? In other words, what will you pay over the term of ownership?  True cost to own includes a number of factors like depreciation, taxes, fuel, maintenance, repairs and insurance premiums throughout ownership, which is an average of 5 years.2012 Toyota Camry

With amazing fuel efficiency, the overall true cost to own the Camry is thousands of dollars less than its similarly sized counterparts. When compared to the Hyundai Sonata, Camry driver’s save hundreds of dollars over the length of ownership on fuel alone. Enhanced safety features of the Camry make it even more affordable. Compared to other sedans in its class, the safe Camry gets reduced insurance premiums. Other factors that make the Camry a budget saver include the comprehensive warranty and low maintenance costs during the first two years of ownership.

Toyota is known for producing top-quality cars that yield a high resale value and the 2012 Camry is no different. The Camry has the with a lower depreciation than it’s competition making it the best investment. The total cost of ownership for a 5 year term is estimated at slightly over $40,000 for the average driver. This is much better than the big bill the competition’s depreciation and repetitive maintenance racks up in the long run. Overall, the 2012 Camry’s is the right choice for a driver looking to put their money in the right place. The Camry puts high value at an affordable price, offering a myriad of enhanced features all while lowering overall costs. If you’re looking for the best sedan for the money, the 2012 Toyota Camry is it.

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