2013 Camrys – Two of Consumer Reports Top 10 Cars Reviewed in 2013

Consumer Reports Top Cars of 2013
Consumer Reports Top Cars of 2013
Consumer Reports Top Cars of 2013
Consumer Reports Top Cars of 2013

Two of our Camry models placed in Consumer Report’s Top 10 Cars of 2013. Our Camry Hybrid XLE and Camry XLE V6 models were ranked in the top 10 along manufacturers like BMW, Tesla, Infiniti, Lexus and Audi. Some of the same cars in the top 10 cost over $80,000 but you can get our Camrys  for much more affordable prices in Killeen! Only 11 car models received a score over 90 from Consumer Reports in 2013 and you can get two of them at Toyota of Killeen. The average top end price of Consumer Reports other top 10 cars is around $61,000 nearly twice as much as you’ll pay for these Toyota Camry models from Toyota of Killeen! You won’t find a better deal for a car this well reviewed!

I’ll go over the scores for each of our top scoring models, the 2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE and Toyota Camry XLE V6, in more detail below.

Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE

Even dogs like Camrys

Consumer Reports gave the 2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE an overall score of 93. the top rank of any hybrid model. In Consumer Reports review, they said our Camry Hybrid was the “rare car that actually manages to do almost everything right.” In their own independent testing, the Hybrid produced an impressive 38 MPG*s. The Hybrid model is the same size as our other Camry models which makes its size and comfort much greater than other hybrid models. Consumer Reports was impressed with the power of the Hybrid model, noting its 0-60 times were equivalent to that of a V6 engine! The Hybrid XLE model’s combination of size, speed, comfort and fuel economy made it one of the best reviewed models of 2013 and makes it a great car from you. If you’re interested in buying one in our area, feel free to give us a call at 888-599-0264 and we’ll set up a test drive. Come see if you agree with the near perfect scores from Consumer Reports!


 Toyota Camry XLE V6

Consumer Reports gave our Camry XLE V6 model an overall score of 92, making it their 10th best reviewed car of 2013. We’re proud to offer this model to all of our Toyota of Killeen customers. The XLE (which means Extra Limited Edition) is the top of the line Camry model.  This model comes standard with many of the very nice features only available as options on other models including a moonroof and wood grain interiors. This top of the line Camry earned the near perfect score it received from Consumer Reports.

*EPA-estimated fuel economy for comparison purposes only. Actual mileage will vary based on personal driving habits, vehicle maintenance, and external conditions.

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