Which sedan is better? 2014 Toyota Corolla vs 2014 Nissan Sentra


In the world of compact sedans, there are a huge range of options available, including the 2014 Toyota Corolla and the Nissan Sentra. Both of these are excellent choices with four doors and room for five passengers to sit comfortably.

The Corolla and the Sentra are actually fairly comparable in price with less than a thousand dollar difference between the base models and a similarly small price difference between the top trim levels. Both cars use 1.8-liter gas four-cylinder engines as the standard option, which leads to almost identical power, with the Corolla at 132 horsepower and the Sentra at 130. They even have the same exact torque, 128 foot-pounds.

Standard Gas Mileage

When you compare the gas mileage in the base models of each compact sedan, the Corolla will have a very slight advantage of 1 mile per gallon. This puts the Corolla L at 28 mpg in the city and 37 on the highway*, while the Sentra S gets 27 and 36, respectively. The opposite is true when you look at the highest trim levels. The Corolla LE Premium gets 29 mpg city and 38 mpg highway*, while the Sentra SL does one better at 30 and 39, respectively.

Fuel-Efficient Trims

Although both the 2014 Toyota Corolla and the Nissan Sentra have excellent fuel efficiency, even for their class, there are also trim options that can greatly improve the numbers. The Corolla has the Corolla LE Eco trim that includes the LE Eco, LE Eco Plus, and LE Eco Premium. The LE Eco gets gas mileage of 30 mpg city and 42 mpg highway*, while the Plus and Premium models are almost the same but with 40 mpg on the highway*. To make up for it, you can enter a gas-saving mode called Eco Mode on those two sub-trims. The 2014 Nissan Sentra also has its own specific trims for additional fuel efficiency: the FE + S and the FE + SV. Each of these trims gives you the same exact gas mileage as the LE Eco Plus and Premium, 30 mpg city and 40 mpg highway. This means that in terms of fuel efficiency, the Corolla and the Sentra are basically identical.


The 2014 Toyota Corolla and the Nissan Sentra share many features even in their base models, such as an auxiliary audio input jack, USB/iPod connection, power control for the exterior mirrors, and one-touch windows. There are slight differences as both offer additional standard features in all models. The Corolla comes standard with hands-free calling and Bluetooth, while the Sentra has speed-sensitive volume and keyless entry even in the most basic model. This means that to choose between the two cars, you simply have to decide which features are the most important to you.

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*EPA-estimated fuel economy for comparison purposes only. Actual mileage will vary based on personal driving habits, vehicle maintenance, and external conditions.

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