2015 Toyota Camry vs 2015 Honda Accord

2015 Toyota Camry vs Accord Killeen

2015 Toyota Camry vs Accord  Killeen

So you’re looking for a midsize sedan. You’ve pretty much narrowed it down to the 2015 Camry and the 2015 accord. Oh what now? Let’s look at these two cars side-by-side and see what happens.

Both cars have a reputation built on quality and reliability, so it’s no surprise that every year they fight each other to be the number one selling car in the United States. However, Toyota completely revamped the 2015 Camry, so we think it’s the best choice for this year. Here’s why.

Consumer Friendly Toyota Camry

All of the Camry’s controls are easy to understand, simple, and well-placed. Little things like a cell phone holder in the console and sliding armrest only sweeten the pot. The Accord isn’t a mess by any means, but scrolling through many screens to find the right settings can take some time, especially with the navigation system. The Camry is more ergonomically designed, and that is fact.

Camry’s User Friendly Tech

Both cars match pretty evenly in reference to technology. Both are available with adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, and LED lighting. The Accord does have a slight edge over the Camry because of the lane watch camera. Despite this fact, the Camry’s information system is still more user-friendly.

Power and Efficiency

The accord in the Camry are still offered with four-cylinder and V-6 engines.

The fuel efficiency numbers:

Accord: 27 miles per gallon in the city and 36 miles per gallon on the highway

Camry 25 miles per gallon in the city and 35 miles per gallon* on the highway.

In real world testing, though, it is worth noting that the gap shrank, with the Accord returning a 31 mile per gallon observed average and the Camry managing a 30.2 mile per gallon average.


These cars have been neck and neck for as long as we can remember. Similarly outfitted, these cars would be differentiated in price by only a few hundred dollars. Knowing that, the Camry is the right choice; it will give you everything you need in a user-friendly package.

Come by Toyota of Killeen today and see for yourself!

*2015 EPA-estimated city/highway. Actual Mileage will vary.

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