3 Common Myths of the Toyota Prius

2015 Toyota Prius Killeen

2015 Toyota Prius Killeen

There are many myths surrounding hybrid vehicles. Myths, though, are rumors based in fear and awe of the unknown. Hybrids are cars, not bigfoot! Give them a try, and, while you’re at it, read this and be informed. You don’t have to lose sleep over your fears any longer.

Myth #1: Hybrid cars are not powerful automobiles

The Toyota Prius is a full-sized sedan and when you’re sitting in it, you don’t feel like it’s underpowered at all. The hybrid seamlessly blends electric-only, hybrid and engine drive modes along with powerful regenerative braking to provide responsive and efficient performance in a wide range of driving situations.

Myth #2: Hybrid cars must be plugged in

Electric cars must be plugged in, not hybrids. Hybrids are a combination of a gas-fueled engine and an electrical engine. The electrical engine hops in and takes over when the sensors in the car recognize that it would be more efficient to use that power source. Power is stored in the electric battery from the “leftover” power that is normally wasted by the gas-engine when you are braking and driving in different types of traffic. No wires needed!

Myth #3: Hybrid cars are difficult to drive

You drive a hybrid car just like any gas-engine car you’ve ever driven- there’s nothing new to learn about it. The hybrid car monitors the car and determines the most efficient use of your gas and electric engines. It all happens seamlessly while you drive.

IF YOU ARE READY TO LOOK BIGFOOT IN THE FACE, come to Toyota of Killeen today! We’ll be waiting for you.

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