4 Quick Tips on Buying a Used Toyota Prius

2010 Toyota PriusWhen it comes to the used car market, the Toyota Prius is among the most commonly sold. Considering it is a hybrid car, it makes up for a good number of cars that used owners wish to purchase. If you’re thinking of getting one, it’s important that you know some used Toyota Prius buying tips so you can make a wise purchase. Here are a few of the things you need to consider:

Get Comfortable Driving a Hybrid Car

One of the first things you have to remember about getting a Toyota Prius is that it won’t be like any conventional car. Considering it is a hybrid, you need to get accustomed to the sound and feel of the engine first. You have to remember that when you’re driving a hybrid, there will be a disconnect between the noise of the engine speed and the road speed. The reason behind this is because of the Hybrid Synergy Drive system that constantly adjusts the power it derives from both the engine and battery pack.

Choose the Generation You Want

Based on sales figures, the most number of used Toyota Prius available is that of the third generation (2010-present) and has a higher gas mileage. The second generation (2004-2009), Prius Liftback, is a pretty good choice too. Unfortunately, you have to keep in mind that these have an EPA of 46mpg combined*. The best choice would be using the first generation Toyota Prius (2000-2003). Since they are much smaller inside and have a slow speed, you will likely encounter a high mileage.

2009 Toyota Prius Touring EditionBe Aware of the Battery Warranty

The trick to the battery of the Toyota Prius lies on the state you are in. This is because there are a number of states that have used stricter emission rules. In the event of a battery pack failure, your warranty will help you save money for the costs.

Check Out the Options that You Want and Need

Nothing and no one is perfect. Just the same with the Prius, you will need to choose the options that you prefer before you can get one.

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*EPA-estimated fuel economy for comparison purposes only. Actual mileage will vary based on personal driving habits, vehicle maintenance, and external conditions.

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