6 Reasons To Purchase A Used Car

Man pointing to a car illustrationIt’s certainly no secret these days that it pays dividends to be smart with your money. That’s especially true when it’s time to buy another vehicle. That’s why more and more buyers are choosing to go the pre-owned route. 

We’ve consolidated a list of the six best reasons to buy a used car courtesy of a recent article published by the New York Daily News

Reason #1: Save Big Bucks

It’s the first and most obvious reason. Buying a pre-owned vehicle will save you lots of money when compared to purchasing a new car. 

Reason #2: Used Cars Are More Reliable Than Ever

It’s a fact: the cars that have been produced over the last ten or so years by factories are built better than they were decades prior. That means today’s used car is a good bet to last multiple years and provide reliable transportation. 

Reason #3: Certified Pre-Owned

Certified Pre-Owned cars are used vehicles that have met certain criteria and standards established by the manufacturer to carry that particular manufacturer’s endorsement. These typically include age and mileage limitations, along with quality standards. It makes buying a pre-owned vehicle a little less scary and offers more peace of mind. 

Reason #4: Vehicle History Reports

Now with practically the click of a mouse button, you can find the history of a particular used car online. This invaluable information will let you know if it has been in an accident and gives you a glimpse of its ownership history. 

Reason #5: Solid Finance Rates and Terms

Another benefit of purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle is that they typically come with aggressive finance rates and attractive terms. This makes buying a certified unit even easier. 

Reason #6: Luxury For Less

If you’ve got your heart set on a luxury vehicle, it’s going to be far more affordable when pre-owned than when compared to new. 

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