Best Toyota Tundra Accessories to Improve Performance

2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD

You’ve got your Toyota Tundra (and if you do not, you are definitely considering purchasing one), and you want to sweeten your ride with some performance accessories. Here are three performance accessories worth going to the Toyota of Killeen to pick up. Right. This. Minute.

The TRD Performance Handling Suspension Kit

The kit includes TRD-tuned shock absorbers, front coil springs, rear leaf springs, rear sway bar, and all required hardware, including bump stops. The kit lowers the regular cab down 40 millimeters in the front and 60 millimeters in the rear, or for the Double Cab and the CrewMax the front’s lowered 60 millimeters and the back’s lowered 70 millimeters. If you are looking for athleticism and agility (and slightly better gas mileage), this kit is for you.

TRD Performance Brake Pads

The left pedal is just as crucial as the right, guys! These brake pads reduce fade during repeated stops or extended downhill driving and were designed to minimize brake noise. Whether you’re off-roading or just making the traffic-packed commute to work, these brake pads decrease stopping distance while it increases your confidence.

TRD 17 inch Forged Off-Road BeadLock Style Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels are lighter than stock wheels, dissipate heat faster, and provide higher strength-to-weight ratio to keep corner weight down. AND THEY LOOK AWESOME. Improved performance with a gunmetal gray finish.


There are many other TRD Performance Accessories- talk to one of our Toyota Tundra experts at Toyota of Killeen today!

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