Why Buy a 2014 Toyota Corolla

Blue 2014 Toyota Corolla

The all-new 2014 Toyota Corolla is changing the way drivers think about reliable compact cars. There are plenty of reasons to love the new 2014 Corolla. It’s been redesigned with a much more modern look, loaded with technology and performance to match. These are all new bonuses for the Corolla because it’s still one of the most dependable and fuel efficient vehicles on the road.

The exciting new Corolla has stylish new LED headlights – standard. Better transmission with the CVT engine means better fuel economy. This may be classified as a compact car but you wouldn’t know it based on the expanded interior cab space. The technology has been revamped with the latest apps and intelligent with a LCD screen on the dash.  Everything about the Corolla has been made better. It’s hard to think that the best-selling car in the history of the world could be improved but Toyota has done it!

Come see for yourself why the 2014 Corolla is worth buying at Toyota of Killeen today!

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