Visit Waco’s Cameron Park Zoo



Family adventures that are fun for kids and parents alike can be hard to come by. But a trip to the Cameron Park Zoo may be just the thing to get everyone on the same page. Up-close wildlife encounters never lose their ability to delight, and this popular Waco attraction is well worth a visit.

A Trip to the Zoo

Billed as “The Happiest Surprise in Texas,” the Cameron Park Zoo is the perfect way to get your family unplugged and enjoying good old-fashioned fun together. Cameron Park Zoo is located at 1701 North 4th Street, Waco, TX 76707 and is open to the public Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is $12 for visitors ages 13 and up, $9 for children 3 to 12, and $11 for seniors. Children 2 and under get in free. Ask about discounted admission prices for Military. Membership passes are also available and will essentially pay for themselves as you enjoy unlimited zoo access for a year, a variety of discounts, and other perks.

What to Do at Cameron Park Zoo

Immerse yourself in a world where eagles soar, lions roam, monkeys scramble, and reptiles lurk. Cameron Park Zoo houses more than 1,731 animals representing 300 species. Lush vegetation and carefully constructed and maintained habitats give visitors an insider’s view into how these animals live and interact in the wild. Start at Gibbon Island, a visitor favorite, as you plan your zoo tour. Make sure to hit all the highlights, which include:

  • Bald Eagle Habitat
  • South America – featuring squirrel monkeys, capybara, and two-toed sloths
  • African Savanna – with elephants, white rhinos, and giraffes
  • Lemur Island – housing three lemur species and featuring a large viewing deck
  • African Lion Habitat
  • Asian Forest – featuring the Komodo dragon, orangutans, and a koi pond

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What Visitors Are Saying…

  • “Great zoo! All kinds of cool animals. Easy to navigate and pretty big. They have all kinds of playgrounds and slides that take you safely through the exhibits.”
  • “Hidden treasure! Wonderful regional decor for people and the animals. Clean and rightly priced.”
  • “Beautiful landscaping with large enclosures for the animals. Cameron Park Zoo is also part of a conservation program for endangered species.”
  • “One of my favorite zoos ever! It is the perfect size and feels relaxing, and you can really enjoy being out in nature.”
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