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Learn the difference between the 2014 Toyota Corolla L vs LE

The Toyota Corolla comes in many editions and has really nice upgrade packages. People often get stuck during the decision making process of whether they should purchase the 2014 Toyota Corolla L vs LE. Both versions of the compact sedan have distinct features. Additionally, both come with Toyota’s standard inclusion... [read more]

Do you know what awards have been given to the 2014 Toyota Corolla ?

2014-toyota-corolla auto show
The 2014 Toyota Corolla recently received exciting and impressive awards from trusted automotive sources. We are excited to share a few of those awards with you. Toyota continues to impress the automotive industry by providing value and safety for families all over the nation! IntelliChoice Recently, the 2014 Corolla received several impressive... [read more]

2013 Toyota Corolla vs 2014 Toyota Corolla

2014_toyota_corolla killeen
The 2014 Toyota Corolla raced onto the scene with a sporty new look. Its sleek body style and luxurious standard features caused quite a commotion for Toyota enthusiasts.  Shoppers considering a new Toyota Corolla wondered which year model would best fit their lifestyle. This quick primer offers a look at... [read more]

2014 Toyota Corolla Video

It isn't hard to see how the Toyota Corolla earned the top spot as the best-selling car nameplate in the world. It's the poster child for the reliability and value that Toyota's known for. The all-new 2014 Toyota Corolla has been built for the modern lifestyle. In addition to knock-out... [read more]

3 Reasons to Drive a 2014 Toyota Corolla

2014 Toyota Corolla
The 2014 Toyota Corolla is a popular compact sedan, and when you consider its range of features, fuel efficiency, and comfort level, it should come as no surprise. Both passengers and the driver alike will be comfortable while riding in the Corolla, and this is just as true for long... [read more]

2014 Toyota Corolla LE Eco Review

2014 Toyota Corolla LE Eco
Environmental friendliness is becoming more and more important, and the 2014 Toyota Corolla LE Eco takes that into account. This compact sedan was specifically designed to get an impressive fuel economy, both to reduce the planet’s use of fossil fuels and to help you save money on gas. The standard engine... [read more]

The 2014 Toyota Corolla Reviews Are In

Blue 2014 Toyota Corolla
For years, the Toyota Corolla has been the award-winning sibling of the Camry, and traditional and safe favorite. For the new generation, however, Toyota opted to do something a little, or a lot, different. Completely redesigned from inside to out, the 2014 Toyota Corolla is now a sedan model all its... [read more]

Why Buy a 2014 Toyota Corolla

Blue 2014 Toyota Corolla
The all-new 2014 Toyota Corolla is changing the way drivers think about reliable compact cars. There are plenty of reasons to love the new 2014 Corolla. It’s been redesigned with a much more modern look, loaded with technology and performance to match. These are all new bonuses for the Corolla... [read more]

2014 Toyota Corolla is a Different Beast

Red 2014 Toyota Corolla S
Gone are the days of the Corolla just being known as the boring compact car. The new 2014 Toyota Corolla has been redesigned with modern styling and features but retains all of the things Corolla loyalists love. The best-selling car in the history of the world just got better. All aspects... [read more]

Complete 2014 Toyota Corolla MPG Breakdown

2014 Corolla MPG Table [caption id="attachment_2003" align="aligncenter" width="900"] LE Eco Premium shown in Blizzard Pearl with available moonroof and Driver Convenience Package. Prototype shown. Production model will vary.[/caption] Here's your complete breakdown of the 2014 Toyota Corolla's MPG. The Corolla MPG can vary model to model based on small tweaks to the... [read more]