All You Need To Know About Cooking With Shrimp

Low California-style shrimp tacos

Shrimp is one of those foods that some people are nervous to cook with. After all, what if they find a way to mess it up? However, what you may not know is that shrimp can actually be quite a forgiving dish. You just need to know the basics of how to cook it, and it should come together as easy as can be. Wondering what kind of dish you’re going to serve with shrimp? Take a look at these recipe ideas, and you may just find something that looks perfect to suit your taste buds.

Popcorn Shrimp Tacos with Cabbage Slaw

For those who don’t like shrimp, something like shrimp cocktail is not going to seem appealing in any way. The fleshiness of the shrimp is alive in all its glory, and if you hate that texture, it’s a dish you’re going to turn your back on right away. So, if you want to serve shrimp to a picky eater, you’re probably better off with this recipe for popcorn shrimp tacos with cabbage slaw. It’s something that both the kids and adults will love, and its fresh flavor is perfect for when you need a taste of summer.

Easy Seafood Salad

When you’re choosing a protein for your salad, you may not think to choose shrimp. However, that would be a huge mistake. Shrimp can be just as tasty as something like chicken, and it comes together in a flash. Mix some well-cooked shrimp with all your favorite veggies and greens to create a salad that can be more than a side. That’s right – this thing definitely has main-dish status.

Easy Jambalaya

You may think that shrimp has to be the absolute centerpiece of whatever dish you’re creating, but that’s far from the truth. If you want just a hint of shrimp in your dish, you’d do well to make this easy jambalaya. The shrimp pairs exceptionally well with the rice and the sausage, and it all comes together to create a dish that’s even heartier than you might expect. Just be warned: If you make this once, your family is going to ask for it over and over again.

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Pineapple Shrimp Fried Rice

This dish may not be for everyone, but if you love the taste of pineapple, then there’s a good chance that you’ll love this dish. It’s easy to make and comes together in a flash, so why wouldn’t you try it out?

Give these shrimp recipes a try the next time you want to experiment with seafood!

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