Tips To Get The Most Out Of Cyber Monday

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Cyber Monday will be here soon and this year it’s sure to be an even bigger deal than in previous years. Are you ready for it? Since this year is expected to be packed with more retailers than ever before, you’ll need to be careful to avoid scammers that are posing as honest retailers. Even on Cyber Monday, sometimes a deal is too good to be true. Here are some helpful tips on how to stay smart during Cyber Monday this year.

Watch Out For False Advertisements And Fake Websites

Even during this time of year, sometimes a deal is simply too good to be true. Make sure that you’re comparing prices across various retailers. If one retailer has an item for significantly less than others, it could be a sign of a scam.

Make sure that while you’re double-checking the price, double-check the web address as well. Scammers will often create websites that are almost identical to the real websites. However, there will be differences. Look for extra numbers, letters, or symbols in the web address, along with slight spelling errors. These could be indications of a potential scam.

Double Check Return Policies

Retailers sometimes have different return or exchange policies for holiday specials, so make sure you read the fine print before buying anything. Also, sometimes ‘final sale’ items may not be returnable, whether they have a gift receipt or not, so be sure to know the details before you buy.

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Use Your Credit Card For Purchases

Use your credit card when making online holiday purchases this year. If any false charges come back on your credit card statement, it’s much easier to contest them with a credit card company than with a debit card provider. Make sure to also never pay a company through a prepaid debit card, gift cards of any type, or by wiring them money. If a company is asking for payment through any of these methods, they’re probably not a sincere retailer.

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