Great Grocery Tips To Help You Save

Woman shopping at a grocery store

Does it feel like you’re spending more and more money at the grocery store each week? You might think that you don’t have any other option, but there are ways to save. Follow some grocery tips to help you save on your weekly or monthly bill. Then, you’ll have some extra disposable income to enjoy after you finish grocery shopping.

Use a Credit Card With Grocery Rewards

Did you know that some credit cards offer cashback when you spend money at the grocery store? Earning one or two percent cashback is an excellent way to reduce your overall grocery bill. Only use this option if you can pay off your balance each month, though. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying interest, meaning you could end up losing money. Try it out for a month or two, and if you pay the bill in full, you’ll know it’s a good fit for your spending style.

Buy Items in Bulk

Buying meat and other popular items in bulk is another way to save money. The unit price tends to go down the more items you buy. You can see this for yourself the next time you’re at the store. Look at a package of chicken that contains two breasts versus a package with 12 breasts. The package of 12 will cost more overall, but the unit price should be lower. That will translate into spending less per chicken breast.

Stockpile During Sales

Grocery stores run sales from time to time, and that’s the ideal time to buy items. When you see a sale, buy as many items as possible. Then, you can stock up again during the next sale. You might need to clear some space at home to make room for your stockpile, but it will be well worth it when you save money and limit the number of trips you have to make to the grocery store.

Do Some Meal Planning

You can save a ton of money with meal planning. Planning your meals for the week will increase the likelihood that you’ll use the items you already have at home. Fewer trips to the store mean less money spent.

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Eat Your Leftovers

Throwing out leftovers is basically throwing out money. If your family needs a little coaxing to eat the leftovers, have some fun with it. Save leftovers throughout the week, and then put them all out at once. It will be like a buffet. Everyone can pick their favorite foods, and you will devour the leftovers instead of tossing them out. It’s easy to save money when you eat all of the food you prepare instead of throwing it away.

Use these tips to help you save money at the grocery store. Then, you can use your extra money to have some fun instead of spending it on food.

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