Experience Total Warmth With These Hot Pasta Dishes

Penne pasta with white sauce and truffle , italian food

Sometimes, when dinner rolls around, you want something that’s so indulgent that it will just warm you from the inside out. That’s definitely the case when it’s in the middle of winter, and you haven’t felt warm in weeks. So, what should you make for dinner when you start feeling like this? Well, if you love pasta (and who doesn’t?), then you should check out these delicious pasta dishes. Some are super simple, while others are more complicated, but one thing is for sure; they are all downright delicious. Take a look at some of these pasta ideas, and try them out for yourself the next time you get a carb craving.

Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo

Hey, it may not be an Italian classic, but we can’t help but loving it anyway. The creaminess of the alfredo sauce. The perfectly cooked chicken that’s just juicy enough. The broccoli that makes us feel like the dish is marginally healthy. All of it coming together just sounds delicious and indulgent, and that’s just what you need when you’re trying to treat yourself. While this is often made with fettuccini, why not try switching it up and using a different pasta shape instead? You might just surprise yourself with a new favorite.

Chicken Fajita Pasta

Craving Mexican food and Italian food at the same time? Um, that’s pretty much everyone, and that’s exactly why you should be making this chicken fajita pasta right now. It has everything you love about a delicious plate of fajitas, but it’s all mixed in with enough pasta to make your heart melt. It’s a little out of the ordinary, but once you make it one time, there’s a good chance you’ll be coming back for it again and again.

Pepperoni Pizza Pasta

Can’t decide whether you should have pizza or pasta tonight? Well, you don’t have to choose at all when you go with this pepperoni pizza pasta. Yes, you heard that right, and it’s just as delicious as it sounds. It’s topped with mini pepperonis that are just as cute as can be, and you may have a hard time not eating the whole pot by yourself. But hey, why not treat yourself?

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Baked Buffalo Chicken Pasta

If you want to try something totally new, try making this baked buffalo chicken pasta. It has a nice kick of flavor you may not expect when just looking at it, but it’s sure to blow you away when you take a taste.

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