How to Find a Used Car in Killeen

Step 1: Where to Start?

How to Find a Used Car

There are so many benefits to buying used. Not only can you save a bunch of money on a gently used vehicle, but you won’t suffer the sudden drop in value new car buyers see as a result of depreciation; insurance costs will be lower; and chances are if you purchase a used car in the same generation as the new model, you’ll get very similar features and technology. Once you’ve decided used is the way to go, you’ve already completed the first step. Let’s go further to get to the root of how to find a used car. On to step two!

Step 2: What Are Your Needs and Wants?

Making an impulsive decision on a big purchase means you’ll have to settle with a poorly thought out choice. When you’re wondering how to find a used car, you usually look for a car that’s the best match for you. This can be as simple as writing down a few needs to listing all of the things you’ve ever wanted in a car and then crossing off those that seem unrealistic. This will not only help you find a nice balance between what you want and what you need, but it’ll help focus your search.

Step 3: Narrow Your Search

Find a car, truck, or SUV by using your needs and wants to narrow your search. For some this may be as straight forward as a commuter matching fuel efficiency with the Prius. For others with multiple factors to consider, perusing our research section could provide more help. This is a catalog of new models. However, it can give you the basic idea of what a car has to offer, especially if you’re shopping within the same generation. If the versatility of the Rav4 catches your eye, select the “Search Pre-Owned Rav4” quick link to be directed to our used inventory. Our online inventory of used and certified pre-owned vehicles will give you an idea of what we have available. Our filters let you search not only by make and model, but also body style, price range, and fuel efficiency to help in narrowing your search.

Step 4: Save More!

Take advantage of our inventory specials for maximum savings.

Step 5: Trade-in

Trading in your vehicle could mean significant savings. Evaluate your trade online. All you need to get your appraisal is the vehicle’s make and model, condition, and your contact information!

Step 6: Make an Appointment

Call to schedule a walk-through and test drive your vehicle of interest!

Step 7: Financing

The Finance Department will help you in determining what monthly payments and down payments you feel comfortable with. If you’d like smaller monthly payments, or to pay off your vehicle faster, a larger down payment is the way to go.

Step 8: Finishing up

Call your insurance company before you drive off the lot to make sure your new-to-you car is ensured! Also, it’s important to know what your vehicle’s warranty is. Certified pre-owned vehicles come with a manufacturer-backed warranty. If you didn’t buy certified pre-owned, you should consider buying an extended warranty.

Step 9: Read, Review, & Sign

Step 10: Drive Off in Your New Used Vehicle!


Test Drive a Used Car at Toyota of Killeen

Not only is Toyota of Killeen the premier dealer of new Toyotas, but we also offer an extensive selection of used vehicles. Our enthusiastic team members are here to answer your questions and find you the perfect vehicle. Call in or stop by to test drive your next car today!

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