Do you know what awards have been given to the 2014 Toyota Corolla ?

2014-toyota-corolla auto show

The 2014 Toyota Corolla recently received exciting and impressive awards from trusted automotive sources. We are excited to share a few of those awards with you. Toyota continues to impress the automotive industry by providing value and safety for families all over the nation!


Recently, the 2014 Corolla received several impressive awards from IntelliChoice. This is a consumer education group specializing in automobiles. Their mission is to help readers become educated about the vehicles they buy, sell, and own. They are part of the Motor Trend Group. They provide a wide variety of information about car ownership that includes statistical and analytical data.

IntelliChoice gave the 2014 Corolla the 2014 Best Retained Value award. According to IntelliChoice, Toyota retains the best value of any full-line car manufacturer that is currently in business.  This award reassures consumers that their vehicle will hold its value long after its purchase. Toyota also received the 2014 Best Overall Brand Value award by IntelliChoice. Toyota offers tremendous value for its price…and the experts have noticed!

Toyota was awarded as the 2014 Highest-Rated Manufacturer award. What makes this award unique is its reliance on data analysis. IntelliChoice relies on data provided on the cost of ownership of vehicles.

Additionally, Toyota was named as the 2014 Best Overall Value by IntelliChoice. This is not surprising since other auto studies have shown Toyota vehicles as being some of the longest lasting vehicles on the road. recently named Toyota as the vehicle that has the Best Resale Value for 2014. Kelly Blue Book is one of the most trusted car valuation systems on the market. offers some of the most sought after vehicle awards on the market. Toyota is honored to hold the Best Resale Value for 2014.

IHS Automotive

IHS Automotive offers market information and analysis to automotive consumers all over the world. Their insight is relied upon by experts across the automotive industry. In a recent study, IHS found that 80% of Toyotas sold during the last 20 years are still on the road. Additionally, Toyota was named as having the greatest durability of full-line automotive manufacturers. Finally, Toyota was named as longest lasting vehicles of any full-line automotive manufacturer. Those are impressive facts that speak to Toyota as an investment in your automotive future.

Other Notable Mentions

In the automotive industry, Toyota carries two distinct industry accolades. Toyota is known as the most fuel efficient full-line automotive manufacturer. Toyota also has received an industry accolade about the ToyotaCare program. ToyotaCare is a first no cost maintenance plan.

Toyota made the 2013 American Made Index. Currently, Toyota has more vehicles listed on the American-Made Index Top 10 list than any other car manufacturer.


According to the experts, Toyota retains its value for years to come. Toyota Corollas are long lasting, dependable vehicles. They offer great resale value. To find out more about the 2014 Toyota Corolla, stop by and visit with the friendly and knowledgeable staff of Toyota of Killeen!


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