Lease or Buy: 2013 Toyota Highlander

The 2013 Toyota Highlander is the perfect vehicle for the family. Its just-right build comfortably seats seven passengers, and is ideal for any configuration with versatile seating. The approachable Highlander’s fuel-efficiency, array of convenient features, and spirit are sure to impress. Now that you’ve decided on the 2013 Toyota Highlander, will you lease or buy?

Monthly Payments2013 Toyota Highlander

The 2013 Toyota Highlander starts with an MSRP of $28,870. At this price with no add-ons, the Highlander’s monthly payment is estimated around $600. If you are looking for less of a financial commitment or to lower your monthly payment, you should consider your options. Making a larger down payment will not only lower your monthly payments, but can allow you to pay off your car faster. Signing for a longer term can decrease the amount you pay monthly, but also means you’re increasing the time you’ll pay interest. Leasing is a popular option for those looking for less commitment. In essence, leasing allows the lessee to rent the Highlander for an allotted amount of time, or lease term, in which monthly payments are made toward a portion of the car’s value. Your monthly payments will be smaller because you are only paying a portion of the total value. Similar to buying, if you want to lower the monthly payments even more, making a larger down payment is always the way to go.


One disadvantage to leasing comes at the end of the term; You are required to return your SUV and you hold no equity. However, some contracts do give lessees the opportunity to “Buy Back” or purchase the leased Highlander for a discounted value at the end of the term if it’s just too hard to let your Highlander go. Highlander buyers have the advantage of using their SUV’s equity to invest, save, fund a project, or even put it towards a new car. The choice is yours!


It’s always good to be mindful of the terms if you decide to lease a vehicle. Leased Highlanders should be kept in good condition, as lessees are responsible for any damage to the interior, exterior, or rolling chassis. Also worthy of note, mileage limitations can rack up overage charges if you drive excessively, which makes strict leases not the best fit for certain drivers.

Bottom Line

Both leasing and buying are good options when it comes to the 2013 Highlander. Consider your circumstance, lifestyle, and talk with our Finance Department to come up with the best plan for you!


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* Estimate derived from MSRP price, $0 down, 7.5% interest, and a 60-month term.

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