Spend Less Time In The Kitchen This Season!

Young woman decorating a Gingerbread cookies for Christmas.

Young woman decorating a Gingerbread cookies for Christmas.

Making cookies for the holidays is supposed to be a fun family activity, not a time-consuming chore. If you spend countless hours in your kitchen trying to perfect your holiday cookies, we have some recipes that will make baking fun again, Take a look at these festive cookie recipes and have some fun with your family this year.

Stamp It Up

Stamps are so underrated. You can do so much with stamps when it comes to cookies. Instead of trying to perfect the icing on your cookie, simply try stamping your cookie with gel food coloring. You will be surprised to see how well these will turn out.

Get Your Paintbrush Ready

If you love to paint, why not paint your cookies too? With edible paint and a clean brush, of course. Mix your edible cookie paints and create a one-of-a-kind batch of cookies. Even if you aren’t good at painting, this will be a fun way to bring everyone together this holiday.

Get Creative

Have some fun with your cookies and make your very own Rudolph cookies that everyone will love. All you need are some nutter butters, M&Ms, and icing. These will be a hit with your little ones, and you can easily make these for any Christmas function.

Add Some Color

Decorate while you bake this year. Break out your food dye and create a fun holiday lollipop cookie. These will look so cute you won’t even want to eat them.

Get Fancy

If you are looking to impress, edible gold-foil-topped cookies are a must. Not only will these cookies look like a million bucks, but they will also taste like it, too.


Keep it simple and opt for a bag of Oreos. Dip your Oreos in chocolate and add candies to them to make ornaments. Who wouldn’t want to eat a delicious-looking ornament?

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No-Bake Cookies

Instead of baking your cookie dough, make a dough you can eat without baking and shape it into Christmas trees. You can even have some fun and create different color trees to make it extra festive. This will be a major hit at your holiday dinner.

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