Pick Up A New Hobby This Season

Group of friends scrapbooking.In this post, we will share a few of our favorite tips and tricks from the scrapbooking queen Einat Kessler

Choose A Theme

The first step is to choose a theme for your book. For example, you may want your scrapbook to tell the story of a travel adventure or a relationship journey. In the same way you would expect a novel to have chapters, each with a unique plot and storyline, your scrapbook should follow a similar format. 

Choose Photos

Photographs help bring your scrapbook’s story to life. Once you decide on the theme and storyline, compile your photographs into collections and lay them out in the order that they’ll appear in your scrapbook story. When planning your photo placements, it’s a good idea to make them pop from the page by adding frames and mats. 


Embellishments can consist of graphics, newspaper clippings, flowers, buttons, fabrics, etc. Anything that you can include in your scrapbook that adds an additional layer of creativity to your story is considered an embellishment. For example, for a children’s journal include their artwork, ink handprints, shells from their beach trip, hair clippings from their first haircut, copies of official documents as background layers, character clippings from their favorite books, or cartoons. You get the picture!

Page Backgrounds

Maximize the creative impact of your scrapbook by adding interesting backgrounds to your pages. A good strategy is to search for images and graphics that accentuate your page’s theme. For example, if you are designing a page around a photo from a fourth of July celebration, use a graphic with American flags or fireworks. 


Create texture in your pages by adding modeling paste, paint, sand, or lace. This is a simple yet creative way to enhance the effect of your page layouts. 

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Make Your Story Interactive

Add interactive elements to your scrapbook by sewing pockets to your pages with hidden photos, notes, or memorabilia. The more engaging the idea the better. The only rule to scrapbooking is to let your imagination run free. Have fun! 

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