Sweet Treats In Minutes!

Chocolate Lava Cake

If you like keeping up with the latest trends, then you know air fryers are a must-have in your kitchen this year.  Using the oven to bake your favorite treats is so last year. The air fryer heats up and cooks quicker than the oven. So why not try it? Take a look at these air fryer recipes to try the next time you are craving something sweet!

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Cookies are the ultimate dessert. If you have an air fryer and are craving cookies, this chocolate chip oatmeal cookie recipe will hit the spot. In just a few minutes your air fryer will be able to warm these cookies up so you can enjoy them in no time.

Peppermint Lava Cakes

Chocolate and peppermint lava cakes have never been easier to make thanks to the air fryer. In just 10 minutes you will be able to enjoy the warm and gooey chocolate cake.

Apple Pie Egg Rolls

Ditch the apple pie and try these trendy and tasty apple pie egg rolls. With just a few ingredients you will be able to create the crunchiest, juiciest, and most delicious apple pie egg rolls. Be sure to make enough for seconds, and maybe thirds. These will be gone in seconds!

Honeyed Pears in Puff Pastry

Pears and pastry puffs? Sign us up! These will be the best pears you have ever tried. The sweet pears wrapped in a warm pastry topped with a delicious syrup is the perfect way to end a cold day.

Lemon Slice Sugar Cookies

Sometimes something sweet and refreshing is all you need to make your day go from good to great. Lemon slice sugar cookies are sure to make you smile. The subtle tartness mixed with sweetness will make you and your taste buds dance with joy.

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Caribbean Wontons

Try something new when you make Caribbean wontons for your family. Instead of deep-frying your wontons, use the air fryer. These wontons will come out just as crispy and ready to eat. This recipe will have you ready for summer.

Spend less time waiting for your oven to pre-heat when you start using an air fryer to make all your favorite baked treats! Hopefully, these simple recipes will make your week the best one yet.

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