Tacoma Beats Colorado as Truck of the Year

What happens when you get seven truck experts together and have them test every aspect of five of the best new trucks of the year and rate them based on quality and performance? The Tacoma beat the Colorado, that’s what. When tested by suspension articulation, acceleration and braking, and four days of specially chosen terrains, the Tacoma came in second place, while the Colorado was sat in fourth.

Here is what fourwheeler.com gave as the bottom line for the Tacoma: “We think the Tacoma TRD Pro is the best Tacoma yet for those who want a smaller pickup with big off-road capability, and we think it’s possibly the most capable small pick up truck available in the US today… [T]his truck is ready and willing to hit the trail. The new TRD Pro package includes a well thought out group of mods that combine to make this truck very off-road capable and a lot of fun. If you drive it hard, you’ll be rewarded with power.”

Other things worth noting about the Tacoma?

    • Great stance
    • Improved wheel travel
    • Front suspension lift
    • TRD/Bilstein shocks
    • Great clearances
    • Impressive power at high RPMs
    • Stylish exterior

If you are in the market for truck- and, let’s face it, everyone should be in the market for a truck- why not go to Toyota of Killeen and test drive the Tacoma for yourself?

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