Switch Things Up With These Tapas Recipes

spanish tapas on wooden table, top view

Tapas originated in Spain and have gained popularity all around the world. Similar to appetizers, you are able to enjoy them at any time of the day. If you like snacking or you are looking to make snack time or dinner more fun, here are a few Spanish tapas recipes to whip up the next time you want to try something new.

Spanish Omelet

Potatoes, onions, eggs, and French bread all in one dish? It can’t get better than that! This Spanish omelet recipe is the most popular dish in Spain and is great for any meal. No matter the time of day, you will be able to enjoy it. It isn’t too light or too heavy of a recipe; it’s just right.

Ham Croquettes

If you’re a fan of lightly-fried snacks, ham croquettes are the way to go. These would make a great snack for gamedays or even a snack to put in your child’s lunchbox. Thinly-sliced ham wrapped in a light coat of breading is the perfect tapa for someone who loves comfort food.

Crispy Potatoes

Ditch the French fries and try patatas bravas, also known as crispy potatoes. This classic Spanish dish is the ultimate snack for someone who likes spicy potatoes. The famous sauce and crispy potatoes will have you making this as a side dish with all your meals.

Galician Turnovers

Galician turnovers are loved deeply in Spain and will be treasured in your home, too. This pie-like tapa is delicious if you love soft dough, meat, and tomato sauce.

Garlic Shrimp

With just a few ingredients you can create a delicious garlic shrimp tapa that will leave you wanting seconds. There is nothing better than seafood seasoned with garlic, olive oil, cayenne pepper, and paprika!

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Ham, Cheese, and Chorizo

This tapa will be on the top of everyone’s list. Chorizo, ham, and cheese with a French-style baguette is simple yet so delicious. Sit back and watch this mouthwatering appetizer disappear quickly.

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