Try The Top-Rated Sushi Spots In Town

sushi Killeen

sushi Killeen

Are you hungry for lunch or dinner? When you are, you’re in luck, as there are plenty of amazing sushi spots in town. However, if you don’t get sushi often or haven’t lived in the Killeen area for too long, you may not know about the best places to go. Luckily, the following list will provide you with several options for where to go when you’re really craving something delicious. Whether you prefer maki, nigiri, or even something as simple as a California roll, you can’t go wrong with these local options. Check them out sometime soon.

Kogi Bowl+Sushi Bar

Do you want to go someplace that offers top-notch sushi at an affordable price? Why wouldn’t you? That’s why you need to visit Kogi Bowl+Sushi Bar in Killeen. No matter what you order, you’re likely to be satisfied. Perhaps the best option is the sashimi – if you like raw fish, that is. Since the fish is so high-quality, you’re going to get an unbeatable flavor that you can’t find anywhere else around town. Try ordering the tuna or the salmon if you want a real treat. You can also try ordering a sushi bowl if you just want to dig in and get to the good stuff. Even if you don’t like sushi, you still have lots of options here. From standard Japanese classics to other Asian-inspired dishes, you really can’t go wrong. Even picky eaters should be able to find something delicious!

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Little Tokyo Killeen

Want to enjoy a nice meal out of the house with family, friends, or even a special date? Make your way to Little Tokyo Killeen in Killen, Texas. If you’re particularly hungry and have someone to share with, you can grab a sushi boat. When you do that, you’ll get a wide variety of types of sushi. After you finish one of those, you’re sure to be stuffed. Not that hungry? That’s OK – you can also order tons of rolls or even go with something as simple as fried rice. All of your Japanese favorites are here, and you may want to order more than you can really eat! When you truly want to enjoy a delicious meal, this is definitely the place to go.

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