Toyota 4Runner vs the Honda Pilot: Side by Side

With the market as diverse and interesting as it is today, there’s no doubt that a potential buyer might get overwhelmed with their search for the perfect vehicle. Being overwhelmed is not the best way to start a car search – one needs a clear mind with minimal distractions to be able to accurately assess what kind of car is best for them and their needs. With this in mind, here is a side-by-side look at two of the most popular midsize crossovers on the market! This class of car is by far the most family-friendly, full of great, easy utility functions that make life easier.

Design2015- Toyota 4runner Interior

Both the Honda Pilot and the Toyota 4-Runner have an exterior that resembles the look and design of a full-size pickup in the front while incorporating the familiar wagon design in the rest of the body. The Toyota 4Runner is slightly more progressive in standing out against the other currently available vehicles in its class, with a remarkably classy shape. The interior of both the Honda Pilot and the Toyota 4-Runner both keep to classic, simple designs with utility and comfort in the front of their minds, preferring traditional over modern trends. In terms of passenger space, the Pilot offers a more open design in regards to both leg and headroom.

Performance & Fuel Economytoyota 4runner engine

The Honda Pilot’s 3.5-liter V6 engine generates 250 horsepower, creating a smooth ride in comparison to the 4-Runner’s powerful jolts. The Toyota 4-Runner is the better vehicle for driving off-road or in otherwise difficult conditions, whereas the Pilot is more fully suited for regular driving.

In terms of fuel economy and savings, both vehicles received relatively similar scores for city driving.


Safety is one of the top reasons for a family to purchase a crossover vehicle, in addition to utility and comfort. The Honda Pilot and Toyota 4-Runner both receive 4 out of 5 stars from federal agencies for overall safety.

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