Toyota FV2 Visions of a Future Car: Reads Your Emotions

Toyota FV2 Concept windshield display screenImagine a time in which your car becomes your copilot. While it sounds pretty futuristic, new technology developed by Toyota aims to turn this idea into a reality.

In preparation for the annual Tokyo Motor Show on November 22nd, 2013, Toyota has unveiled the Toyota FV2 concept car, a futuristic car-bike hybrid that intends to merge man and machine with emotion and facial-expression reading technology.

How does it do this? The FV2 operates on three wheels with one seat for the driver. The FV2 uses voice and facial expression cues to sense emotions and mood changes. This information is then used to change the color of the windshield, which is equipped with a futuristic-technology display. For example, if the driver began to experience road rage, a red colored windshield would alert other drivers, and keep its driver focused and alert. In addition, the window display is also used relay data such as traffic conditions and safety information. What’s more, the FV2 even keeps track of driving history so it can learn from driver performance.

It doesn’t stop there. Without a steering wheel or gas and break pedals, the FV2 is even operated differently. Drivers must shift from side to side and lean forward and backward to control the steering as well as the gas and breaking systems.

The Toyota FV2 Concept is the car of the future.

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