Toyota Recognized for Waste Reduction Efforts

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Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. Inc.  is being recognized by the U.S. EPA for outstanding efforts to reduce waste produced at their plants and with the WasteWise Large Business Partner of the Year, Honorable Mention award. By using recyclable products Toyota has been able to drastically minimalize the waste output across all of their American cities.

WasteWise has recognized Toyota for three years in a row for reducing waste, refuse, increasing recycling and purchasing environmentally preferable products. Last year alone Toyota managed to recycle 98 percent of its trash. That’s nearly 99 million pounds of waste! The vehicles that would have produced that amount of greenhouse gas emissions would have been 87,000.

Toyota has accomplished this feat by using an extensive network of returnable containers throughout its North American parts distribution network. This prevented 81 million pounds of excess trash from being created.

Toyota of Killeen is proud to carry the brand name of an automotive manufacturer with environmental interests in mind. Come see us today and learn more about everything we’re doing for the environment!

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