Is the Toyota Supra Finally Returning?

2007 Toyota FT-HS ConceptEver since its exit in 1990, car enthusiasts have been awaiting the return of the Toyota Supra. And even when a rumor broke about a return in 2007, this did not disappoint those who kept a liking for the supercar. Recently however, there seems to be news for another return of the Toyota Supra Concept at next month’s Detroit Auto Show.

Based on circulating reports, some insiders from Toyota have revealed some information for the much awaited sports car’s return. Additionally, the new chairman of the car manufacturer has mentioned his interest in adding a Supra-like vehicle to the current lineup. Perhaps this has something to do with the new partnership between Toyota and BMW; a lethal combination that will only produce a powerful Toyota Supra Concept. Or it may even be powered by a 400-horsepower hybrid powertrain similar to that of the FT-HS concept.

As of this writing, neither Toyota or BMW has revealed any further information about the Supra re-launch. With that, we will have to stay tuned for more updates as the day comes nearer for the Detroit Auto Show next month. Likewise, we encourage you to follow our Toyota of Killeen blog for further developments.

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