True Cost to Own: 2012 Toyota Tacoma

Several variables play a role in selecting a car. Safety may be key to some buyers. Others may put an emphasis on types of amenities offered. However, at the forefront of the minds of nearly all is purchase price. Prospective buyers begin the search aware of their financial limits. Even so, total expenditure is rarely calculated or even considered. Simply put: we should know what the true cost for the duration of ownership is.* Let’s consider how the 2012 Toyota Tacoma stands up to the Nissan Frontier’s cost in the long-term.

What is True Cost of Ownership?

True cost of ownership is out of pocket expenses plus depreciation, or the loss of a vehicle’s value over time. Unfortunately, depreciation is a fact of life, and while there is no getting around this loss of value, choosing a truck with a lower depreciation pays off in the long run. You’ll be able to pat yourself on the back for the over $1,000 you’ll save upon trade-in when you bypass the Nissan Frontier in favor of the Toyota Tacoma.

When choosing the best vehicle to meet your needs, it’s also important to think about out of pocket costs, and keep an eye on things that add up. While repair costs on the Nissan Frontier are only slightly higher than the 2012 Tacoma, the maintenance is significantly so. In fact, the extra maintenance expense for Frontier owners adds up to over $200 for the length of ownership. That’s over $200 more in the pockets of Tacoma drivers.

Some out of pocket costs like insurance and financing have small or negligible differences. However, fees based on percentages of initial cost, like state fees, will carry proportionate long-term costs. Because the Toyota Tacoma has a significantly lower MSRP than the Frontier, this savings is also reflected in the state fees. This is good news for owners of the Tacoma, which means they save over $2,000 on purchase price and state fees combined.

Savings on the 2012 Toyota Tacoma doesn’t stop there. The Tacoma is also more fuel-efficient than the Frontier, saving drivers .02 cents per mile. A savings that adds up to over $250 annually, which goes to show even supposedly trivial numbers can make a big difference. Toyota is home to some of the best selling vehicles in the nation, which serves as a testament to their sound quality and longevity, so it’s no wonder the 2012 Toyota Tacoma ranks at the top of its segment for lowest overall cost.

Test Drive the 2012 Toyota Tacoma at Toyota of Killeen

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* All results based on Kelley Blue Book 5-year Cost to Own criteria.

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